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Every coin counts

Looking for other 999 962

people who help us reach our goal – build a new center for Fenix.

We can make it together!

Project 1ofMillion.cz supports financing of new ParaCENTRUM Fenix, which helps people with spinal cord injury and their relatives while getting back to active life.

We already have part of the final goal, but we are still missing at around 100 million CZK. That’s why we are looking for a million people who support us with 100 CZK and help us finish our new center.

We can make it togehter! Thank you for joining us.

No one is ready for a thing until he believes he can acquire it.

Napoleon Hill

Become one of million


Become one of million and send a donation to our transparent bank account:


QR code for fast payment

You can use this gift as a deduction in your income tax base. We can also send you a confirmation about your donation.

Donor DMS

Become one of million and send a Donor DMS using


to phone number 87777

The price of Donor DMS is 30 or 60 or 90 CZK. ParaCENTRUM Fenix will get 29 or 59 or 89 CZK. More at www.darcovskasms.cz

It makes sense, make sure

Client’s Stories…

Our Clients Say…

  • Kamil

    ParaCENTRUM Fenix client

    “To me, ParaCENTER Fenix is a center for rehabilitation and meeting friends. It is a place where you can meet new people as well as share new experience, information and other things.”

  • Marta

    ParaCENTRUM Fenix client

    “Fenix the second family to me. It is a place for sharing, caring and gaining new information and education. It is also a place full of joy and friendships. I find Fenix really helpful and supportive. I could fully restart my life. Fenix showed me, what is and what isn’t possible with a handicap. It showed me that I can live again. I am really grateful for you. Thank you.”

  • Honza

    ParaCENTRUM Fenix client and employee

    “Fenix means is about training, meeting friends, new chances a opportunities for self-realization. Moreover, Fenix gave me a job and perfect team.”

  • Marek

    ParaCENTRUM Fenix client

    “Fenix means many friends to me, who helped me get back to life.”

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