Why we need new “base” building

We help our clients with training and rehabilitation. We learn them to be independent, provide personal assistant or advise with bureaucracy. We support them on every step of their new life situation.

There also other people with spinal cord injury who need our support and there are more of them than anyone could imagine. Lets count it together:

  • In our current ParaCENTER Fenix “base” building we help around 130 clients, who commute regularly several times a week. We also help other 500 people at a distance.
  • We can help 4 times more in our new center. The next benefit is accomodation for those who need our support while getting up on their wheels.
  • In the Czech Republic there are at around 8 to 9 thousand people with spinal cord injury.
  • An accident is the most common reason for spinal cord injury. Very dangerous is also fall from height, car accident, jumping onto water or other sport accidents durong cycling or skiing. Some of our client has become disabled because of cancer.

Every coin counts…

Doesn’t make a sense?

We hear that a lot. There are many people and companies with the very same opinion. But the opposite might surprise. Every 100 CZK (4 Dollars) pushes us closer to our goal and our client back to active life. If we find 1 000 000 people, who support us with 100 CZK, we reach 100 000 000 CZK. And this is exactly the amount we need to pledge to build the new center.

Get involved where it makes sense

We’ll be glad if you become one of million. Why?

  • No goal without your support.
  • We already have ready project documentation and local government support.
  • Our current center is limiting our needs.
  • New center means 4 times more clients who need our help.
  • Spinal cord injury can happen to anyone.

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